This is Community Solutions

In Community Solutions, a well-known company in the Orihuela Costa area, we have years of experience in the administration of real estate properties. We are distinguished by our professionalism and dedication to our customers, observing the highest standards of quality in order to conserve and increase the value of their property.

For both your peace of mind and ours, we have insurance against errors and omissions and civil liability insurance that covers damages to property or assets.

Let us convince you of the quality of our services. If you are interested, feel free to arrange an interview, including a visit to the property, with no obligation.

Soraya El Mechkouri

Víctor Cid Vidal

Who to contact

Community Solutions is formed by two partners, Soraya El Mechkouri Villena and Víctor Cid Vidal, both of whom have extensive experience in the management of property owners’ associations and real estate property.